Service Birmingham

Service Birmingham is a joint venture (JV) company jointly owned by Birmingham City Council and Capita Local Public Services which provides all the Council’s information technology,. In addition, our successful Link2ICT division supplies technology and safeguarding services to schools and educational establishments in Birmingham and across the country.

The JV was set up in April 2006 to support the council in transforming the way it works, using IT as an enabler to wider business change and significant savings across Council services. We are overseen by a joint board with members from the Council and Capita with two-thirds owned by Capita and one third by the Council.

We are working with Birmingham City Council to put in place better, smarter and faster ways of doing things, as well as looking at how we support a mixed economy of providers as the Council starts to engage more communities, third sector and the private sector suppliers for the demand they face. This will reduce costs, improve services and help the Council become more sustainable, but ultimately it will make life better for people living and working in Birmingham.

Our mission statement: “Birmingham City Council and Capita have a joint venture that enables the delivery of excellent public services for our citizens with innovative solutions that create value and deliver high performance”
Services delivered

We manage the ICT function and the council tax revenues service for Birmingham City Council, delivering efficient services, while improving systems for its staff and citizens.  Our successful Link2ICT division supplies technology to schools and educational establishments in Birmingham and across the country. We work in partnership with Birmingham City Council to deliver innovative solutions that have improved local services, resulting in:

Efficient and effective service delivery

Since 2006, we have dramatically improved the quality of Birmingham City Council’s ICT, which is now consistently ranked in the upper quartile by SOCITM benchmarking.  Our service supports all aspects of ICT including the provision of an ISO20000 accredited Service Desk and desktop support function. We also support over 350 different lines of business applications, over 1200 servers and all data and voice networks.

Channel shift and resource planning

Service Birmingham’s revenues team has introduced a work flow management tool called EG which has led to an improvement in resource planning and accurate forecasting. Other initiatives include the introduction of SMS texting to prompt payment and reduce the need to issue paper reminders. The introduction of electronic forms to drive the channel shift of customers to the Council’s website and the facility to refund payments of council tax and business rates via BACS has speeded up the refund process.

Transformed services

We have undertaken the largest business transformation change programme of any local authority, helping Birmingham City Council to realise savings of approximately £1bn.  This has included major initiatives to redesign working practices, implement new systems and improve services for staff and citizens alike. 

Keeping our schools safe

Our Link2ICT safeguarding programme equips schools with the tools and support they need to keep children safe. Since the launch of the programme, Link2ICT has identified over 35 serious safeguarding concerns resulting in intervention and support for children and families.

Ten years of corporate social responsibility at Service Birmingham


We work with schools, businesses and community organisations. CSR is an integral part of our approach and expresses our company’s values to the community we serve here in Birmingham.

Tony Lubman, CEO, Service Birmingham

Entrust making a difference to children, young people and schools

Entrust Logo.png

The Council and Capita have created a joint venture brimming with innovative ideas and practical solutions and, four years on, there are real results and positive feedback from both schools and parents. At a time when school budgets are in the spotlight, Entrust is a ground-breaking move that is making a true difference to children and young people – and delivering long-term economic and financial benefits.

John Tradewell Director of strategy, governance and change, Staffordshire County Council

Capita and the London Borough of Barnet work in partnership for financial transformation


Alongside greater automation and financial transparency across the Council, Capita has also re-shaped the finance function to give us greater resilience and support through the accountancy functions provided - something that will prove invaluable as times of austerity continue.

John Hooton, Chief Executive, London Borough of Barnet