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Flexible, cost-effective service delivery to suit you

The public sector is facing unprecedented challenges – from the economic climate and technological development to market changes, complexities and opportunities for new ways of working. To survive and prosper, organisations need to be agile, sustainable, anticipate what’s coming next and be able to take advantage. Find out how we are supporting our customers.

We can provide you with the flexibility you need to deliver new ways of working and put you in a better position to react quickly to short and long term objectives. We’ve built expertise across the spectrum of common operational processes and a range of service delivery models – all of which we can adapt to your particular requirements.

Our portfolio of formal partnership arrangements offer you choice based on the size and complexity of your organisation.

Working with our customers, we create and embed commissioning frameworks into our partnerships to transform services and enable sustainability.

Harnessing innovation and creating a new legal entity, we share the ownership, decision making and growth opportunities with our public sector partner.

A flexible way to reduce your budget deficit through a shared service infrastructure with the private sector or your local authority peers.

We are registered on various procurement catalogues, providing you with choice and direct access to buying our services.

The Keep Warm and Well project in Barnet


Very helpful, friendly and polite, very useful energy saving literature

Barnet resident

Blue Badge Application Service

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The average customer journey time, between making first point of contact to receiving their Blue Badge, has now dropped from 30 days to 19 days. This number of days is dropping consistently every month.

Dynamic Purchasing System


We believe that the introduction of a Framework Agreement and a micro-procurement process provides greater transparency to people in need of care, carers, care providers and the Council. It promotes and reward the use of services that are achieving and maintaining high degrees of quality.

Jules Gregory, Market Manager, Birmingham City Council