Streetwork services

Improving your highways

Our suite of coring, inspection and permitting services, help manage planned works effectively and ensure high standards are met across your highways.

Statutory undertakers, such as utility companies and contractors, often need to carry out street works on the local authority highway network.

When these companies carry out these works without coordination with the Council - due to other works going on in the area or the type of work they need to complete - it can cause significant disruption to the highway network, increase traffic congestions, journey times and frustrated road users.

If the utility company or contractor fails to complete the road repair to the adequate standard, it can cause unnecessary potholes and dips in roads. Leaving them in a poor condition can be unsafe for road users and costs the council significant amount of money in repairs. It also means further disruption for road users when these avoidable remedial repairs are made. 

Our service solutions

We offer a full range of streetwork coring, inspection and permitting services, which help manage planned works effectively and ensure high standards are met across your highways. This will result in:

  • fewer pot holes and other highway defects
  • less traffic disruption through unnecessary and uncoordinated road works
  • financial savings
  • income generation for your local authority
  • an improved reputation with residents and commuters

You can use all or part of our services depending on your requirements. Download our full streetworks brochure, or find out more about our individual solutions below:


By completing core testing, we ensure that repairs carried out by statutory undertakers are completed to the legal specified standard and ensure any remedial work is carried out by the utility company. Download our streetworks coring brochure.

Inspection and defect management

Many local authorities do not have the capacity to carry out their statutory duty to inspect and monitor live works and subsequent reinstatements by utility companies on the highway, meaning utility companies are not being held responsible for overrunning works and inadequate repairs which increases highway maintenance costs in the future for the local authority. We provide an end-to-end inspection and defect service which inspects any utility works to ensure all legislative requirements are met. Download our streetworks inspections and defect management brochure.

Please download our case study on the work we’ve completed on behalf of Salford City Council

Permit schemes

Utility companies, transport authorities and local authority highway departments all need to carry out street works on our road network. Now local authorities can introduce a permit scheme,  meaning any organisation - utility companies, authorised contractors and highway engineers - are legally obliged to obtain and in some cases, pay, for a permit from the Council before they can commence any works on your highway, giving you better visibility and control over the work that is taking place on your highway network.

But setting up a permit schemes can be complex. Our experienced team can design, implement and manage your permit scheme to take the resource burden away from you, while ensuring you maximise the benefits of an effective and efficient permit scheme. Download our streetworks permitting brochure. 

Please download our case study on the work we’ve completed on behalf of North Tyneside Council

Meet the team

Our streetworks service has over 50 experienced team members. Have a read of our take ten interview for a day in the life of the team. 

Did you know?
  • Our permitting service is fully paid for by the revenue generated from the permit applications
  • We can offer our services on a flexible basis, so you can choose to commission just one of the above services or pick and mix from each of the services depending on the needs of your organisation. 
  • We have access to the right subject matter experts, including technical, systems, operational and change management expertise to reduce the risk and ensure the smooth consultation, design, co-ordination and delivery of a highly complex project
  • We have experience in managing the entire street works service for a large number of local authorities
  • We have our own UKAS accredited laboratory
  • We offer support and mentoring to local authority employees to learn from our methods of delivery to enhance the knowledge of the Council’s own people
  • Our focus on training and safety ensures all inspectors conduct robust assessments
  • We can work anywhere in the UK

Delivering street works in Salford


In the City of Salford, there are around 8000 excavations from statutory undertakers every year. On behalf of the Council, following the completing of inspections, Urban Vision carry out highway coring on approximately 50% of these excavations.

Salford City Council

Delivering North Tyneside’s streetworks permit scheme

Highway asset management case study image 2.jpg

The permit scheme generates £350k of revenue each year from permit application fees

Streetworks permit scheme at North Tyneside

Mobile working devices for highways


With over 5 million square miles of road and 3.5 million square miles of footpaths, the London Borough of Barnet is the second largest of the London Boroughs.

London Borough of Barnet