Highway Asset Management

Improving the management of your highway infrastructure assets

About Highway Asset Management

Highway Asset Management is a means to deliver a more efficient and effective approach to managing highway infrastructure assets, such as:

  • carriageways
  • footways
  • bridges and related structures
  • street lighting
  • drainage assets
  • traffic signs.

Highway infrastructure is vital in modern society and requires significant investment for development and maintenance. 

The Challenge

In recent years the investment in highway infrastructure and its performance has been increasingly under the spotlight.  The current financial challenges and increased public demands and expectations have meant that the way local highway authorities manage their highway infrastructure has to be re-considered, however many local authorities do not have the available resources and in-house expertise to deliver the growing highway asset management demands.



How can we help?

Our Highway Asset Management delivery team can work with you to ensure your highway assets are being managed in the most effective and efficient way and are fulfilling legal obligations, delivering stakeholder needs and safeguarding the engineering integrity of your highway network. We can also be your delivery mechanism to help your local authority unlock some of the £578 million funding set aside by the Secretary of State, which can be invested to further improve your highway network.

Our Services

We offer a pick and mix variety of highway asset management services that can support the needs of your local authority. These services include: 

  • Highway Asset Management Framework which will reflect the guidance provided by the Highway Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP) document ‘Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Guidance and the revised National Code of Practice ‘Well-managed Highways’.
  • Developing and delivering Highway/Transport Asset Management Plans and Policies which will sit within the wider Highway Asset Management Framework.
  • Developing and delivering a variety of highway asset management strategies, including data management, performance management, investment and communications strategies and customer engagement.
  • Workshops to develop and implement the advocated ‘risk based approach’ and analysis
  • Conducting highway asset valuations
  • Life cycle planning for infrastructure assets
  • Mentoring and coaching of local authority teams
  • Developing highway works programmes
  • Guidance and support in the submission of the highway self-assessment questionnaire to attain level 3 funding
  • Webpage content development to assist the highway self-assessment submission requirements
Did you know?
  • We already deliver highway asset management services on behalf of four of our local authority partnerships in Salford, Blackburn and Darwen, Barnet and North Tyneside.
  • We are working on the production of a Carriageway Asset Management Plan for the Liverpool City Region on behalf of Mersey Travel.
  • Based upon our local authority experience we have factored into our proposed services time to facilitate engagement with all stakeholders including members of the public.
  • Our team have extensive experience engaging with elected members, presenting at Scrutiny and Cabinet committees and providing briefings to portfolio holder members.
  • One of our key strengths is the ability to resource and quickly mobilise a project team who have considerable depth in terms of experience and expertise.
  • We have the ability to draw upon a national pool of specialised expertise should the need should arise.
  • Capita provide asset management services for other organisations, not just highways. Our Capita Asset Services, a division of Capita plc is the UK’s leading provider of business process management and integrated professional support solutions.

Download our asset management brochure and our case study Delivering highway asset management for North Tyneside Council

Delivering Highway Asset Management for North Tyneside Council


The continued use of alternative preventative surfacing treatments such as surface dressing rather than full reconstructive has enabled a greater percentage of maintenance activities on the road network, hence an improved RCI and a 90% repudiation rate for third party claims.

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