Capita and the London Borough of Barnet work in partnership for financial transformation

Enhancing online finance functions and providing strategic support to the Council

In September 2013 in partnership with the London Borough of Barnet, Capita created the Customer and Support Group (CSG) to deliver the Council’s back office services for 10 years. Capita and Barnet also entered a joint venture to deliver property development and regulatory services on behalf of the Council.

Under the CSG, the transformation of the finance service has played a major role in revolutionising the way the Council and suppliers transact, while offering enhanced strategic support to Council services.

This complex, cross-council transformation programme involved the replacement of SAP, the Council’s legacy function, with Capita’s digital finance system, Integra. The service has also been re-designed to best support the Council’s financial strategy and to provide added value to individual workstreams.

Key achievements include:

  • Contributing to £126m worth of savings over the lifetime of the 10 year contract
  • Implementing a new finance system to deliver greater automation across accounts payable and accounts receivable processes
  • Developing an online platform for suppliers, with budget monitoring and providing a single view of debt
  • Being one of the first local authorities to complete their statutory year-end accounts, which achieved high accuracy and didn’t require any financial adjustments following the audit process
  • Introducing electronic scanning and invoicing from Capita’s digital print mailroom in Darlington
  • Re-designing the finance team to provide greater resilience
  • Up-skilling finance managers to provide strategic financial support across Barnet’s services.
“Strong financial performance and strategy is the backbone to delivering an effectively run Council. Working with Capita has given us the expertise to successfully deliver this complex transformation against ambitious timescales, which is future proofing our finance service and delivering further opportunities for services. Alongside greater automation and financial transparency across the Council, Capita has also re-shaped the finance function to give us greater resilience and support through the accountancy functions provided - something that will prove invaluable as times of austerity continue.”

John Hooton, Chief Executive, London Borough of Barnet

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Improving financial processes at West Sussex County Council


By re-shaping service delivery and through Capita’s investment in new technologies, we now run a much slicker and effective finance service. It’s enabled us to benefit from costs savings, to transform our procurement process and fundamentally, improve performance for our suppliers and service users.

West Sussex County Council

Using data and insight in Barnet


We are beginning to change and improve the Council’s understanding of its residents, and are making our first steps towards better services guided by in-depth insight. This is a long-term project and, while we won’t transform the services we deliver overnight, in Barnet, this is undoubtedly how we see the future of local authority services being designed.

Andrew Travers, Chief Executive, London Borough of Barnet

Redesigning administrative services at West Sussex County Council


West Sussex had made good progress in making changes in our back office but the partnership with Capita has enabled us to really make the savings we needed to. With Capita’s support, we now have a more streamlined and resilient administration function which was achieved without any impact on service delivery - a great example of partnership working.

Head of Business Change, West Sussex County Council